Characterization and analysis of complex fluid flows, such as suspensions, emulsions, foams, polymeric fluids, nanofluids, pastes, paints, among many others.

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Full rheological characterization

Knowledge of fluids properties is an important part of the development of processes and products.

Interfacial rheology

The formation of an emulsion occurs when mechanical energy is supplied to the system composed of two or more immiscible liquids.

Numerical and experimental flow simulation

The analysis of fluid flows is very important for the evaluation, design and optimization of processes.

Determination of droplets and particles size

The droplet size distribution of an emulsion is related to the interfacial and bulk rheological properties of the phases.

Scanning Electron Microscopy

A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is an equipment used for the characterization of materials in micro and nanometric scales.


Analysis of adhesion, friction, lubrication and wear are essential in processes involving surfaces that interact with each other under relative motion.

Measurement of viscosity and density of liquids, and calibration of viscometers and densimeters

Viscosidade e densidade são propriedades de importância central no projeto e otimização de diversos processos industriais.

Specialized Services in Rheology