Complete rheological characterization

Knowing the properties of fluids is an important part of developing processes and products. Our rheometry laboratory is equipped to do a complete rheological characterization of non-Newtonian fluids.

We measure properties such as viscosity, yield stress, extensional viscosity, storage modulus and loss, and normal stress coefficients. We can perform steady state, transient and oscillatory tests, over a wide range of temperatures (from -50ºC to 600ºC) and shear or extension rates, and at high pressures. We have extensive experience in the area and, in addition to tests, we also offer technical support for testing programming, analysis and interpretation of results.

At the end of the tests, a complete report will be available, including graphs and/or tables, in addition to a technical analysis.

Infrastructure: Controlled rotational rheometers stress and shear rate (Mars III, DHR-3, AR-G2, ARES-G2, MCR301, MCR501); Smooth and rough geometries; microscope coupled to the rheometer; high pressure cell; Peltier plate; CaBER extensional rheometer; hydrometer.




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