Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

The fluid mechanics laboratory is used to perform experimental simulations of flows, including visualization, flow measurements and head loss. This laboratory has modern instruments and data acquisition systems. In addition, we have prototyping equipment for the manufacture of parts and components for the experimental apparatus.

Main available equipment:

  • Flow rate and density meter (Micro Motion)

Emerson’s Micro Motion meter is used to measure flow rate and density through the Coriolis effect. It enables analysis in complex liquid, gas and slurry applications. It allows real-time data acquisition with high reliability


  • 3D Printer

The Form 3B is a resin 3D printer with LFS (Low Force Stereolithography) printing technology that uses linear lighting and a flexible tank to convert liquid resin into solid parts with an XY plane accuracy of 25 μm. Formlabs resins have applications ranging from the engineering sector to the medical sector.


  • Photographic camera

Our laboratory is equipped with Canon cameras (models EOS 7D, EOS 20D and EOS 40D) with a set of lenses that guarantee high quality of photos and videos. They are used for visualization of flows and recording of experiments.


  • Milling machine, lathe and industrial drill

The Diplomat FVE 2000 milling machine, the Cláudio Eberle FCCE drilling machine and the Nardini ND250 and Sanches Blannes TM-280 lathes are used for machining parts. Our mechanical workshop is used to manufacture parts, geometries for rheometers, prototypes and experimental benches.