Laboratório HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature)

The HPHT laboratory is a laboratory built to operate equipment for obtaining high pressure measurements. Currently, we carry out measurements of rheological and interfacial properties at high pressure, using the equipment described below:

  • Rotational rheometer with syringe pump and pressure cell:

The Teledyne ISCO 260D syringe pump coupled to the Haake Mars III rotational rheometer allows performing rheological measurements under different pressures up to a pressure of 600 bar. This pressurization can be done with hydraulic mechanisms or with the aid of inert gases, such as fuels. Through this system it is possible to study the characteristics of materials subjected to pressure in industrial processes such as fluids in oil reservoirs, dairy products, deposition of paraffins and formation of hydrates in production lines.

  • Tensiometer with pressure cell:

The Teclis Tracker H tensiometer is a device used to study interface properties such as surface/interfacial tension, wettability and dilational interfacial rheology. The equipment uses the technique known as “Drop Shape Analysis” (DSA), in which the geometric parameters of the drop are evaluated by means of differential equations that allow obtaining the interfacial properties of interest. It can be used with different temperatures, pressures and different concentrations of surfactants (surfactants, polymeric solutions and oils).