Other rheological properties

In addition to the rheological properties already mentioned, there are several others. Each process involving complex fluids or soft solids (e.g. gels) is governed by a specific set of rheological properties, so that reliable designs of these processes necessarily involve knowledge of this set of properties, which typically depend on temperature, pressure and the kinematics involved.

For example, if the process involves the flow of a viscoelastic material in passages whose cross section varies along the flow, then it is necessary to know the extensional viscosity of the material, which governs the head loss of the flow. Another example is the initiation or resumption of gel flow in a pipe, which is governed by its thixotropic properties.

GReo has been operating for decades and, therefore, has extensive experience in determining the most varied rheological properties. In addition to shear viscosity, storage and loss modulus, extensional viscosity and other properties already mentioned, GReo has the necessary infrastructure and personnel training to carry out tests to determine essentially all the rheological properties that may be potentially relevant in the design and optimization of industrial processes.


Infrastructure: Seven modern rotational rheometers, equipped with the most varied accessories; CaBER extensional rheometer; capability of developing and manufacturing devices dedicated to the determination of relevant rheological properties under the conditions of specific processes.