Measurement of viscosity and density of liquids, and calibration of viscometers and densimeters

Viscosity and density are properties of central importance in the design and optimization of many industrial processes.

We are equipped and accredited by INMETRO to determine such properties of Newtonian fluids at different temperatures, in accordance with procedures inspected and approved by this federal government agency. We are part of the Brazilian Calibration Network, which implies following strict laboratory protocols, which guarantee the quality of our services and the traceability of our results. We analyze a wide variety of liquids, and we calibrate virtually all types of viscometers and hydrometers.

At the end of the measurement or calibration, a certificate from the Brazilian Calibration Network will be made available containing the results obtained and the associated uncertainties.

Infrastructure: precision scales, densimeters and standard viscometers calibrated by laboratories accredited by RBC, constant temperature baths, among others.


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