Tribology is defined as the study of interacting surfaces under relative motion and explores properties such as adhesion, friction, lubrication and wear. In particular, triborheometry, which combines the techniques of tribology and rheometry, allows the construction of Stribeck curves, the determination of the coefficient of friction and the Gumbel number.

This tool can be used in materials from different industrial sectors involving lubricants, automotive components, food, beverages, cosmetics, rubber, grease, asphalt, among others.

The GReo has a tribo-rheometry accessory associated with the TA Instruments DHR-3 rotational rheometer. We have the Ring on plate geometry that is coupled to the Advanced Peltier Plate in order to enable tests in a wide temperature range. We studied the relationship between lubricant viscosity, rotational speed and contact force with the coefficient of friction under surfaces with different coatings.


Infrastructure: rotational rheometer with tribo-rheometry accessory