Shear viscosity is an important property of fluids, which is associated with the diffusion of momentum at the microscopic level. The success and optimization of manufacturing processes for a wide range of products are heavily dependent on this property. In general, viscosity depends on temperature, pressure, strain rate and strain time.

GReo develops protocols for preparing fluids and analyzes the effect on viscosity of parameters associated with the composition and preparation of the material, with a view to optimizing the formulation of products and processes, such as: (i) concentration and shape of particles in suspensions; and (ii) droplet size, polydispersity, tension and interfacial rheology in emulsions. GReo has long experience in obtaining reliable data for the viscosity of complex fluids, which can only be obtained when taking into account effects such as apparent sliding, particle sedimentation, sample evaporation, among others that can totally compromise the quality of the results obtained.


Infrastructure: seven rotational rheometers, viscometers, mixers, baths